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Ionic VueJS : Build a CRUD App With Fireabase Video + Code

Aaron Saunders
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The new Ionic Framework VueJS Web Components are a great way to leverage your javascript skills with VueJS to build professional looking Mobile Applications and PWAs efficiently.

This course in including the final source code is to get you prepped for the more advanced course that I have provided here on the Udemy platform. We are not expecting you to have a deep knowledge of Vue3 and Ionic Framework, but if you get stuck, don't worry, there is great documentation provided on the Ionic Framework Website

This code is written using the latest version of Vue, Vue3 and is working using the new composable structure vs the older options API.

  • Create a CRUD Application with Ionic VueJS and Firebase
  • Create the project and get the basic IonModal created
  • Capture data using ionic input elements
  • Learn CRUD actions ( Create, Delete ) for the data
  • Create an IonList to view the content
  • Use Vue Composable function in place of using vuex to manage state.
  • Adding Firebase To Save Data
  • Add Login Screen and Methods to Datastore
  • Integrate Firebase Authentication API and User Information to AppĀ 

Aaron Saunders is the CEO Clearly Innovative Inc web and mobile development firm I started 10 years ago. I have been working in the software development industry as a development, manager, and executive for over thirty years. I have taught at the university level and run an apprenticeship program within my company

At Clearly Innovative Inc, we have built solutions for large and small business and have been using Ionic Framework since version 1

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Ionic VueJS : Build a CRUD App With Fireabase Video + Code

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